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When it comes down to it, I think people certainly should respect our love for Keira- let's face it, you'd be a fool (to say the least) not to find Keira mesmerising...

...But I am afraid I'll have to admit I'm not in love with Keira- surely you have to meet someone and know them to fall in love with them? I see my fascination with her as an overpowering awe at a example of human perfection, but if you wanna call that love then that's fine by me!

And NEVER have I (or any other Keira fans I know) ever had wrong thoughts about her. If you think about fucking her then you better go and have a cold shower or something!

So, why is it weird of us Keira fans to be in awe of her? It isn't... And if it is, please- I've said it before- go and take a cold shower...
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