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Originally Posted by acliff
Clive Owen is a fantastic actor, and him being in it is one of the reasons why I'll go watch it. Now, you can do the Arthur voice better than him?
Clive Owen? A native British person? You american? please, you kid. Besides, how do you know what Arthur should sound like?
Clive Owen is the dog's bollocks and like you, I'm really interested in seeing how he does in it and I doubt I'll be disappointed...he's also one of the reasons why I'm watching it

Originally Posted by Sarah
My first impression of the film, through trailers alone, is that it looks horribly boring.

It looks just like tonnes of other historical war films. It looks dull and I don't know if I can actually be bothered to get off my arse and watch it.

Perhaps I'm wrong and it'll be brilliant, intense and captivating. I'll have to wait and see...
Ack...I actually like war films and historical films...but it's all horses for courses...I actually like your reasons for not wanting to see it the best
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