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Originally Posted by NearokA
Oooh, Leonie, I'll remember that comment when I post my pictures. O yes, I'll remember it. hehe. And while I may yet still sex you up, I'll make you pay, by begging on your knees.
What kind of crazy drug are you on? If you had a brain big enough to fit the size of your head, you'd be the brainest person in the whole world. Unfortunately for you, in that remarkably empty skull of yours, all thats contained is an irritating, arrogant personality wrapped round a core of sexual insecurity and self doubt.

KKWavefront is offering discount castrations for gender confused individuals such as yourself, and will only be creating an over 21 forum once you can prove that you meet the minimum mental age. So far you've got about 10 more years to go.

I was going to lock this for its sheer stupidity, but your unintentional humour is making me laugh. So carry on.
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