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Why do you guys speak of sex as if you're ashamed of it?
O I know why, cuz you guys are still teenagers. I was kinda fustrated at first, but now I understand. Where's Martha? We should have a forum where only people over 20 can post in. Where are the women and men here? Or are there just girls and boys?

Oooh, Leonie, I'll remember that comment when I post my pictures. O yes, I'll remember it. hehe. And while I may yet still sex you up, I'll make you pay, by begging on your knees.

Actually, I started this whole sex thing, so I'll end it here. I just thought we could have a discussion of it, but I guess not since most of you guys are still uncomfortable with that idea.

So another question occurs to me, do you girls know of a cream that will help me with these face wrinkles? I mean, I just want to be smooth and all. I looked online and stuff, there are so many brands. Can you tell me of ones that you've had good success with? O, and btw, what kind of shampoo do you use? I've been using Pantene Pro-V as it's a conditioner and shampoo in one and it also keeps my hair shiny and healthy.
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