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Originally Posted by seventhson
If you are asking "why" I love Keira, or the source of my love for Kiera, then my answer must be the same as for why I love you, why I love my wife, why I love my daughter, why I love my mother, why I love the person who delivers the mail to my mailbox and why I love those who disrespect me, or are unkind to me in this forum. The source of all human love, spirtual, civil, or romantic, infinity... is God the almighty Father. I won't get into the more than half dozen types or definitions, nor am I qualified to, or is this forum the appropriate place to have a discussion about all the types of love that humans have tried to label for thousands of years.
I try not to question love. I appreciate it, relish in it and try to give it more than I expect ro receive it. Why? I dunno...I just do.

(-: SeventhSon :-)
Hm, that's actually the most interesting thing anyone has posted in this thread. But if you label all your sources of love to God, then it's a question of whether he exists or not. He can't be proven to exist or not exist from everything that I read against and for religon (damn His elusiveness!), so I suppose one can pick one or the other and see what happens in the end.

Thanks man. And I love you too , before you die, I hope you find the God you're looking for. Oh, and if you feel the need to argue of 1000's of years of love, feel free too. Worst case scenario is someone just locking this thread, which isn't a big deal. I'll just make another .
I against I,
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