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If you are asking "why" I love Keira, or the source of my love for Kiera, then my answer must be the same as for why I love you, why I love my wife, why I love my daughter, why I love my mother, why I love the person who delivers the mail to my mailbox and why I love those who disrespect me, or are unkind to me in this forum. The source of all human love, spirtual, civil, or romantic, infinity... is God the almighty Father. I won't get into the more than half dozen types or definitions, nor am I qualified to, or is this forum the appropriate place to have a discussion about all the types of love that humans have tried to label for thousands of years.
I try not to question love. I appreciate it, relish in it and try to give it more than I expect ro receive it. Why? I dunno...I just do.

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