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Originally Posted by acliff
Your problem NearokA, is that when girls are looking for a guy, they're looking for exactly that. A guy. When they are looking for a boyfriend, they are looking for, guess what, a boy. Instead of some poor excuse for a male, who has more in common with Lancome and Chanel adverts than most women. You're going to tell us next, that you went into Victoria's secret, and were trying on bras. I don't think any of us would be too surprised.

Makes me a little more than disconcerted when you tell me you love me. Unlike yourself, I don't crave the cock.
Ooooh, Nicely done Acliff. I thought you were always a nice guy. Good to see there is still some korean left in you, No really though, koreans say I love you all the time to friends, family and lovers. It just how we are. It really depends on the tone of voice and the situation to determine how serious they are when they say I love you. One of my korean friends (he's 26 and straight from Seoul) said to me, Hyun min ee, sarang hae yo, which means Hyun min, I love you. He said it in a friendly way. I certainly didn't think he was homosexual or anything. He is married. I don't quite understand it myself, so I really only say that to other koreans or when I'm trying to be sarcastic.

I think the whole pretty boy think mostly has to do with my sister and me. We're close and all that so she has a large influence of what I do.

Uh, Mandy, I don't wear polo...Actually, I don't wear designer wear, not yet anyway. I do shop for them though, but alas, insufficient funds and all prevent me from actually getting them. But even if I did have money, polo? No. I think I would go Italian (Gucci, Armani, A. Testoni, etc.), get some nice slacks and shirts and maybe a couple of suits. I do, however, have some nice shoes.

On the flipside, I don't mind getting hit on by ugly girls. I find it quite flattering. Most of them have very eccentric personalites, and I like a woman who has the guts to ask me out. It shows some balls (you know what I mean -.-). I think all women have a potential of being somebody beautiful. Some just realize the potential earlier in life, and others, well, they don't ever find it.

O and when you say ugly guys hit on you mandy and think they the shit, are you talking generally or are you trying to refer to me in an indirect way? IT's not like I randomly go up to girls and say, hey wanna fuck? Please. I'm happy being alone, so really, it doesn't bother me at all if they say no. But what I do do is look for the signs. If a girl give me signals, even subtle ones, I'll pick that shit up. And that's the time to move in, but you know, I'd be more polite than saying, wanna fuck?

A beautiful woman is a person who starts from the inside, and works her way to the outside. She has a solid basis before she even thinks of doing work outs, buying clothes, etc. A pretty woman starts from the outside, and stops just shy of the heart. Meaning, she'll be a nice piece of ass to show your friends, but there really isn't anything there but sex. And sex is overrated, really. I'm looking for a beautiful woman who's pretty on the outside. Keira comes to mind...

O and guys, please post scruffy or pretty, k? Pretty pweaasse? With a mountain of whipped cream and a cherry on top.

PS: I don't spend that much time in the mirror. Stop saying that! I dunno where you get these things from...sigh. Whatever. I don't care anymore.
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