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Originally Posted by wee me
yeah seriously, coming from a fully fledged girl here, goes easy on the products. a word of warning- NOT ATTRACTIVE! it would so freak me out if i found lipbalm in my boyfriends pocket. and that perm thing- well, most girls cant pull it off, so im guessing you'd probably look ridiculous. go for something less in your face. remember, less is more. but keep on using the skin products, clear skin is important!
by the way, im not being mean, just tryin to help.
ps id have to say a cross between pretty boy and rugged, i like it in between.
Thanks wee wee. Much appreciated. I'll remember that. But I kinda like lipbalm...hehe.

Gracie, I can do much more than just make you laugh.

Jacoby, you're kidding right? O and I wouldnt have posted that whole thing about me working out and all if the forumgoers would have some faith in me. Particularly mags and gracie. hehe. You notice it said, To Mags/Gracie. It really didnt pretain to anyone else.

And ryan really does these things? Hm. Perhaps I should be asking him the
I against I,
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