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Originally Posted by Liam
Isn't 3 quarters a year an oxymoron?
4th quarter is optional summer school.

You're my favorite poster hassel, I'm going to go edit my 5 people's list. No fros, lol. I would smack myself first before acliff smacks me on the the streets. Acliff, even beautiful guys like me have things to improve on. O, and acliff, I luv you too man. You also forgot to vote scruffy or pretty boy. lol.

Ashyln, someone of your....description...What's that suppose to mean? keke.

Fabio, I like that. But my hair isn't that long. It's probably halfway to three quarters to my shoulder. Shoulder length is probably the longest it will ever be. I also don't have Fabio's build, nor do I want it. I don't like having overly large muscles. Gets in the way of flexiblity and all that. I want to be like Bruce Lee, you know, lean and small but still pretty buff.

So a new question, do you women prefer men that wear tight clothing? I mean, not those guys that wear tang tops that show their belly or anything, but I wear this underarmor stuff, it's like a soft spandex, and it's tight enough to show my chest muscles and abs and the shirt is cut so it's wider at the top and tight near the stomach.

Oh, and another question, what's your guys take on asian american men? Is that sort of something you don't mind or do you mind when you look for potential mates? And if you do mind, what are some inherent flaws in the asian american look? What can I do to better myself? Is it all about the attitude?
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