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Well, the thing is, Orlando doesn't need a big man in the inside to compete in the Eastern Conference. Of course, with Detroit and Indiana with their assortment of big-time inside players, the trade works with Orlando, because instead of one-man T-Mac doing it, it can be the same Houston backcourt of the past few seasons - Francis and Mobley. They know how to work together well, and I think the Magic might surprise some people this season.

However, the Rockets got the best pure scorer in the game. I don't think Yao Ming will be Shaq-like in dominance, but T-Mac is probably a much better player than Kobe is (merely that Kobe has had a more beneficial atmosphere to work with: say, a top center, a top head coach, money, etc.).

It's tough to say, but actually, it evens out for me. Orlando got what it wanted - a starting backcourt. And Houston got T-Mac, and he will shine in the Western Conference. Arguably, McGrady is the best 2-guard in the league. I say Houston makes the playoffs, like they did the previous season, but Orlando may wait another year. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if they did make it.

The Magic could not pick Okafor, because the Bobcats have the first pick of the draft, regardless, because of their expansion status.

And I don't know about the Lakers. I've heard rumors that Kobe might join the Clippers, just to prove he can win as himself as the main franchise player, and step out of the shadow of Phil Jackson and Shaq.
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