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I wouldn't have seen The Hole if it wasn't for Keira.. Actually I was searching for pictures of Keira in KaZaA (damn, it took a lot of time to make sure the were not fakes..) and I got this series of her showing her breasts. At that time I had never heard of The Hole, and therefor decided to see it.. Never regretted
About Princess of Thieves, I think it's allright, but no great movie at all.. Again, it's Keira making it worth seeing. It was actually by a happy coincidence I turned on my TV at the time they were showing it . But you're right, GuinevereLover, people seem to forget the smaller projects. In the beginning I didn't know it was Keira in Star Wars.. I just watched the movie thinking: "Wow, she's hot!". I haven't seen Anywhere But Here or Pure, but now you guys have made me aware of them, I'll go buy them!
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