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kinda a little bit of both. Despite me being the only person who needs to have a little fun everywhere he goes this was a joke to make fun of myself. Also, it is a change from your traditional Keira talk on here. Always "She is hot" or maybe "She is hot". I suspect this will get locked, thats more of a joke and I know it. Before this forum was put back up I'd do this once in a while. It's made for you to....giggle. Despite that isn't everything on this forum rubbish? How many times does someone need to say she is hot? or the I saw her for 10 seconds on abc! It gets annoying and this is a break away, but yeah 99% chance I say of lock so dont worry about me ruining the usual buzz on this section. Anywho is it our concern if she does charity? Sure its nice but it doesn't exactly make us feel different about her acting.