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Originally Posted by Dyce_Blue

I dunno. There is a picture of me on the front page of my webpage.
(I'm the one in the middle)
Nice man. Nice.

Nina, that guy isn't really rugged and all. He still wears designer clothes and makeup and jewlery. Uh, iono.

I was thinking T-shirt, holey jeans, rugged face with no makeup or lotion, messy hair and little stubs versus designer wear, styled hair, makeup etc.

In short, I think most women prefer the pretty boy even though some here are in denial. They seem to idolize male models and all that versus idolizing the everyday blue-collared worker.

To Mags and Gracie: So today I decide to comb my hair. Sleek it back and let my bangs fall loosely. And then at a 30 degree angle, I shake my head a bit to let the pomade volumize my hair. My bangs reach down just past my eyes. So anyway, I was running on a treadmill in my tight underarmor gear and this blonde girl walks by. She was gorgeous. I could tell by the way she wore tight clothing that she took care of her body good. She was staring at me as she passed by and her friend next to her was blabbing on about something. 5 seconds goes by and the woman is still looking at me. So I give her a glance, you know, a look straight into her eyes, then down at her hips, then back at her eyes. She runs into her friend. I was laughing.

Now, under normal circumstances, I would have approached her and said, "Hullo, that's some crazy lookin' track pants you got there, did you get it at a flea market or something?" in a sexy voice. My sexy voice differs from my normal voice. I talk a bit lower, and a bit slower. And I ask those kinds of general questions that keeps her talking and me just chillin', watching her body language. And believe me, women love to talk, especially if they're interested. But you know, I was running and when you're running for 30 minutes, you can't stop, and business before pleasure. Always. Unless it's Keira giving me those looks.

And it's not like this was a special case. Last winter, I was late for my physics lecture and I was wearing my gap suede leather coat. I had shaggy, messy hair with brown and blonde highlights at the time. Anyway, so this beautiful tall blonde girl with gorgeous baby blue eyes come out of the chemistry building (it was on my way) and just tops and looks at me, in the eyes no less. I just said, "Hi, sup?" I was late for physics, damnit! I pay 6 grand for tution every quarter (3 quarters a year). And you know, I couldn't give up a physics lecture for a little bit of ass. That sort of thing gets people in trouble, you know, with grades and all.

So the point of this is that women love me already. I'm not trying to get them to love me more. Women love that long straight hair I suppose. And I don't understand it, it's the white women that give me these kinda looks and not asian women. But then again, I never really hang out with asian girls so that could be it. But back to topic, I'm just bored with myself, you know? Time for a change, change is good. So, I really appreciate you Keira girls' inputs and all. It really is helping.
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