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I read the novelization and I think the storyline is weak. Plus, it's done by Jerry Bruckheimer, who I like, but he does movies to fill the seats and caters to what will get people to come rather than making sure he has a good film. I don't like the fact that the entire storyline seems to depend on the war scenes (I'm a character person I guess), and there are a few other things I didn't like but I'll keep those quiet for now because they're spoilers. I do, however, like the fact that Guinevere kicks ass in this storyline, but that could be because I am a girl.

I guess I'm just torn between wanting this to be a great movie, the reality that most huge blockbusters like this are...crap, and so many other things about it. I don't necessarily think it'll be good, but I don't necessarily think it'll be bad either. Only seeing the movie will determine that, which I'll definitely be doing either way.
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