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Originally Posted by acliff
Cut out the pointless 'hehe's in your posts, they'll soon be irritating enough to make me cut out your eyes.

What I want to know is why Korean guys are all going for the pretty boy look. All Korean Americans seem to carry around hand mirrors, a brush, glittered lipbalm, and Johnson's baby lotion. And you'd think I'd be generalising. I fucking wish.

Perm? What are you a pansy?
You posted in my post! hehe. HAhaha. Try not to hate me because I like to laugh . If you prefer a shit load of smilies, I'll do that.

Um, like this is suppose to be a poll from the girls and all....? So far, I think only one posted. And you're suppose to pick pretty boy or rugged boy. lol. Stop spamming!

O yeah, I don't think you're generalizing one bit. . I think you can also include japanese guys there as well. Yeah, the lotion really helps man. My skin is soft and smooth....and shiet, if it helps with the damn acne, I'm all for it. I don't carry a mirror. Why? Because if you get your hair cut just right, it will flow down naturally without much combing and will stay that way with a little pomade. That's the difference between getting a barber shop cut and a professional hair stylist cut. And just how do you know about korean live in britain yes?

And pansy, homosexual? Hm. Call me what you wish. Your words can't bring me down! Some people have higher standards. Some don't. That's life.

I'm working extra hard on my abs ladies. So you women be on the prowl! keke.
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