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Poll:About men and me

Okay ladies, this one's for you.

Uh, do women like pretty boys? Or do you prefer rugged guys? I need some advice. I, myself, am a pretty boy. hehe. If you prefer rugged guys, give me some characteristics and if you prefer pretty boys, give me some characteristics too.

I grew my hair out long and I'm thinking about it getting semi-permed. Iono. I never had curly hair so, might as well give it a try? Dark brown base and light brown (almost blonde) highlights, is this okay? Or should I get the full blonde deal? lol. I think I would look weird though, asian guy with blonde hair and all, but I've seen it done. I'd have to dye it a light brown first, and then blonde. It'd prolly cost more money too, lol. Then I'll have it cut in multi layers too (You know, hair cut in different lengths). I find that it gives my hair more definition and it doesn't make my hair look all gross (You know those pictures of fat guys with long gross looking hair, that shiet's all greasy and messy, eww, and they always tie it in fucking ponytails, what's up with that?). Seriously, those guys need to get a sister or a girlfriend or shiet, even their mom who has some slightest idea of what beauty is. hehe.

I usually wait a few days before I shave. Because I'm lazy! Nah, I think women prefer the little stubs. Am I right? Also, should I wear lipgloss? I mean, not that really glossy stuff, just something to keep my lips moist. hehe. You know the reason why so don't even ask.

And lastly, fucking acne and shiet. I have to wash my face and moisturize three times a day. And still those little shiets creep up on me. I still have a few blemishes on my face. Do any women out there know of a good product to use?

Thanks for your input and all. And who knows, maybe our paths may cross in the future, and all your good inputs will pay off. hehe.
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