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Originally Posted by apoggy
Why claim to be 50% English when the last 5 generations of your family have never even visited?
I take exception to that. I visited England in the Spring of 1980, as a 15 year old boy. I found where my ancestors lived near Bridgwatter, Hutton & Uphill, Weston Super Mare. Sorry if misspelled. I visited a church that had a pew with my family name on it, though none of my family had sat there for generations. Two of my older brothers have the family coat of arms tatooed on their flesh. Our pride in family heritage runs deep. I would post a copy of image of family coat here, but file is too large.

We have a saying here in Texas, "Never ask a man where he is from, because if he is from Texas, he will tell you soon enough, and if he isn't, you wouldn't want to embarrass him." All due respect for my friends...I didn't write that old adage, I just repeat it with the pride of a 100% Texan.

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