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On the topic of love and maturity:
Emotional maturity is entirely relative. Based on genetic and real world factors, requires experience. Unfortunately it seems that Emotional maturity is gained by having bad experiences, making you hurt for what you've lost.

In my opinion thats what distinguishes lust, love and just really really liking someone. Its how you feel when you lose them. Then you can guage for yourself what level it takes for you to be in love.

Which is why I don't believe love can really happen at a young age. You might go through the motions, but how would you know if its the real thing?
Bear in mind, in many cultures in the past, they married children at the age of 12-13. Partially due to the expected life span, but also so they could grow into love. They may have been less civilised, but divorce rates can't be as high as they are now... :P
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