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Originally Posted by NearokA
There are two kinds of people in this world, Spire. There are those who prefer the intellectual pleasures of life and actively persue knowledge, and there are those who are happy being a satisfied pig and wish nothing more in life.

Guess which one of those groups you belong When I find the purpose of life, I'll remember to keep it a secret from you. hehe. :icon_wink
I used to subscribe to the theory that those with knowledge and spend their time thinking of intellectual issues were the ones on top. And then, I got sick of myself. I realized I was a pretentious cock, and decided to stop thinking (and in effect, worrying) about all this pointless shit. Guess what? I'm happier, a hundred times over. You obviously haven't reached that stage, but you will one day. And I hope you don't think you're overly intelligent, because this thread is sickeningly stupid. You are in very middle of the "pretentious cock" period NearokA, hopefully you'll phase out of it one of these days.
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