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People also don't realize that these forums are actually interesting (some of the time.) Not all of us love Keira, some are probably not even actually "fans". I haven't seen King Arthur yet, by choice. If all the threads were "OMG WHY do U love KEIRA?!?!" I would have posted my reply in December - " 'Cus she's so freakin HAWT" - and then never returned. Unfortunately for most, I stayed. It's cosy here. Seriously...I saw Bend it like Beckham in December and decided to find more info, which led me here (well, to the old forum.) Not all of us LOVE Keira, but there are a few..which isn't a bad thing. It's not like it's impossible for Keira to fall for Jet, but hey, if Anna Nicole married that 87654567890-year-old guy...
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