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Angry Respect our love for Keira!

I don't get it! Why can't people let us love Keira? I've seen so often that people sign up for some homepage just to criticize those of us who are actually fans and like the actress. Latest chrisobrien made some unimportant thread where he felt that he had to say to us that we had no life.. From my point of view, he is the one who needs a life. He must be a very bored young man, if he takes (read: has) the time to sign up, post the thread and keep coming back to the site to see the replies and then reply to them. If that's a life, I'm glad it not mine! If he really despies us 'fantasizers' the way it seemed, then why doesn't he just avoid forums like this? (chrisobrien: I expect a very good answer to this..). It's absolutely none of their business what we do with our lives, and as NearokA once said: "Now, I cannot control whom I love and I don't think anyone can. ". I think that's true, I haven't chosen to love Keira but i do love her, and if people can't respect that, they are the one having a problem. If he talked about some girl in a forum somewhere I would NEVER say anything about it, CAUSE IT'S NOT ANY OF MY BUSINESS!

So can we please be spared for these frivolously threads?
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