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Originally Posted by EmotionSickness
Just watched her on GMA. Her hair looks so much better now. She still has the bangs, but they're trimmed a bit and her hair has been straightened, it's not all shaggy and wavy like at the KA premiere. Cute, casual outfit, too. Too bad the interview lasted a grand total of maybe four minutes, tops.

Something I'm just now noticing: when did her voice get so nasal? She really talks through her nose a lot now; she didn't used to do that. It's almost like her 'interview voice'. You know, some celebs (or people in general, really) put on a sort of fake (for lack of a better word) voice when talking to strangers or, say, interviewers. All I know is she doesn't sound quite like that in the movies.
Ladies & Gentlemen, I fucking missed it! "Apparently", I got the damn date wrong. I haven't missed a single Keira appearance until now. So don't expect me to upload it because I feel like shit. I'm sorry for all those who were counting on me. It kinda sucks when only two people can capture videos.
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