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Haha, Poggs raises quite a good point, actually. People who have been over here for more than a few generations qualify as 100% American. As far as your ethnic heritage (which is how I'm looking at this thread -- and what I think Louis meant to ask about), that's different.

I'm caucasian (obviously) and my family has been here in the States since the late 1700's, so it's proven rather difficult for my dad to trace all of our lineage (he's a genealogy freak, by the way) back to Europe. I have a very rare, Scottish last name -- basically, the only people with my last name are over here (in the States) and they are either close or distant family. So, yeah, I'm a good bit of Scotch/Irish (anyone who's Scottish is most likely Irish as well) and German, on my father's side and English on my mother's. So, yeah. I'm quite Anglo-Saxon, myself. I don't know how I ended up with such olive skin.
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