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Originally Posted by Hazzle
who thinks this'll be a good movie? People seem to be dissing it left right and centre but I actually think it looks good...certainly seems like it'll be better than POTC (which was largely a poor script carried by a superb lead performance from Mr Depp)...

Just wondered why people don't think it'll be good, or if you DO think it'll be good...what you'd say to sell it (from what you know about it) to the naysayers...much more interesting than a straight poll
nah, i dont think it will be even close to be better than POTC... buts thats maybe because i am a POTC fan. KA looks nice to me... but i dont think this is more than just a actionmovie... I liked 'First Knight' with Sean Connery and Richard Gere... but that movie was alot more romantic i guess, and i think that fits the story better... but ofcourse i cant really judge the movie if i havent seen it...

But i sure am positive about it
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