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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Pffft...right...for children's books...they're decent, but nothing amazing...but considering how many adults read them that worries me...are we just a world of illiterate idiots? I hope not...I sincerely do...and I hope adults don't call that serious reading...

If they're illiterate, how do they read them?

I've never really gotten into Harry Potter. But I'm not a big book fan. I've been meaning to start reading but everytime I start a movie comes out and it's just a lot easier than reading 5000 pages. But with the half book I read, I thought it was good. I was just too lazy to read the whole thing. If the movies entertain me I'm sure the books will as I've been told it's the exact same thing pretty much. Unlike some movies who are supposed to be based on books.
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