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Originally Posted by Princess
Here's my problem with all Muslims, especially Muslims on the North American Continent: they're 100% silent on terrorism. They whine and cry about being "unfairly singled out" or "racially profiled" without showing any horror at what those practicing their "religion" do.

When you have a religion who's main book tells them that they have the right to enslave or kill infidels, and it's practiced, that is a truly fucked up, evil disgusting religion, such is Islam.

Nuff Said
That's like someone saying -after reading one of your posts- that all American's are moron's that spend their time going on the internet and acting retarted.
"You know that with-holding evidence from a federal officer is a serious crime. Especially when that officer has paid handsomely for that evidence, and wouldn't think twice of ripping that patch off your eyehole and skull fucking you to death."
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