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Originally Posted by Princess

I will not attempt to argue this point with you guys any longer under this topic...each time I respond you seem to change the point of discussion.

Here's my problem with all Muslims, especially Muslims on the North American Continent: they're 100% silent on terrorism. They whine and cry about being "unfairly singled out" or "racially profiled" without showing any horror at what those practicing their "religion" do.

When you have a religion who's main book tells them that they have the right to enslave or kill infidels, and it's practiced, that is a truly fucked up, evil disgusting religion, such is Islam.

Nuff Said
You're still generalising. So just because its in the main book, everyone practices it? Equally do all Jews follow the eye for an eye principle, and continue to stone women for being unfaithful?
Also do all 'muslims' whine and cry about being singled out? Is every single muslim 100% silent? You're implying that they are indifferent/condoning the actions of the terrorists, who happen to kill people, while using the excuse of the religion to justify themselves.

Sure, Islam is pretty outdated on feminism. That doesn't mean that they become evil. It sounds alot like you've been affected by the anti Islam propoganda. Think about it from their perspective. Do you think they're proud to have such extremists in their midst? Do you think they enjoy being stereotyped as terrorists, as the likes of you are so eager to jump to conclusions about? They ARE being singled out. They ARE being racially profiled. Just because they show horror, and guilt for something that personally they haven't done, doesn't mean that prejudices will happen any less.

You speak with the naivety that would frankly insult the 14 year age group that you claim to be in.
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