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No Princess, I don't think that's enough said. I'd actually seriously, no mockery or sarcasm involved, like to discuss this with you.

Of course certain groups of Muslims in North Africa abusing women in such a way does not make the whole of Islam a retarded faith. Nowhere in the Qa'ran are rituals such as those even mentioned. There's nothing wrong with the religion itself, it's got everything to do with a couple of fanatic idiots thinking their holy book implies things it doesn't.

I happen to know quite a bit of Muslims. And they're nice people. Nothing wrong with them. Just because there are idiots that use their religion as an excuse to do horrible things does not change the fact that they're nice, caring and loving people.

Would you call Mormons Christians? According to your reasoning they are, and according to you the whole of Christianity therefore is a truly fucked up, evil religion. Or not?

Edit: And as for your Beslan picture - that is poor reasoning. Yes, most of the Beslan terrorists were Muslims. However, they weren't there to defend their religion, they were there because they wanted Putin to withdraw his armies from their country. The fact that they're Muslims had nothing to do with what happened that day. Absolutely nothing. Actually I think this is rather offensive. Again.

Granted, the Beslan terrorists were driven by hate and despair, and did terrible things. I wonder what you'd do in a situation like theirs. I'm not justifying their actions, I'm merely pointing out that it was their situation, the fact that Russia's been occupying the country they see as rightfully theirs for years, that Russia's been killing their people, - I've done a presentation on this, don't get me started - that caused them to do this. Their religion had absolutely nothing to do with it. As I said before, a terribly weak argument. They were Muslims, they did something terrible, therefore Muslims are bad. They had brown hair, they did something terrible, therefore people with brown hair are bad?
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