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Leonie: very good idea, I think I'll try! Yea, things really couldn't get worse... But here's somewhat of a different problem, all mixed in with this one..
Well, we both have the same English teacher, just different times, but the other day we had to write an inclass essay, and mine was chosen for an example, so she was telling everyone that 'the first one, the really good one is my best friend's essay!'
so her 'popular' friend got mad, so now she's trying to make her be friends again, meaning saying bad things about me, and trying to get me to be friends again, meaning saying bad things about this other girl.
I mean, she lies so much I don't really know when she's lying and when she's not, so I don't even know who it is she really wants to be her friend, and who she just wants to pretend to be friends with...

Duckula: now why do I get the feeling you haven't changed a bit?

CollisionStar: yep. major ouch.
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