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Originally Posted by Nick
Kalexander you make it sound like I was trying to brainwash the youth or something. I was not being dishonest, I honestly haven't even quite made up my own mind about Communism. Like I said there are pros and cons in a Communist system just like any other system. I think that "true" Communism, not the dictatorship you're talking about, isn't an altogether bad philosophy in that everyone would be equal and there would be peace if you could get it to work, and therein lies the problem. Like I said before it's not a practical system on a large scale because everyone would be getting small portions of everything and you're right Liam it doesn't take into account things such as the human tendency to love material goods.
So I'm not in any way saying it is a perfect system, all I'm saying is that as a strictly philosophical idea it's not as evil as everyone makes it out to be.
There was however one society (or I guess I should say group of societies) that came about as close to "true" Communism as any society ever has. That society (or societies) was the Native Americans. If you think about it they had a society that was very much Communist. For example if a hunter went out and Killed a deer he didn't keep all the meat to himself, he gave an equal portion to each family in the village, or when it came time to plant the crops every available person would come to help plant the crop. So basically everyone was willing to chip in wherever they were needed, and it worked because they applied it on a smaller scale, rather than having an entire nation to distribute the wealth among they only had a small village of probably no more than 20 people or so.

As for you calling me a socialist/communist that is a contradiction as I've already explained that Socialism and Communism are two different things, granted they are similar in some respects but they do have differences. To illustrate the differences lets use a hypothetical situation, say a community has a bunch of chickens. In a theoretical Communist system everyone would each get a chicken, now lets say everyone now has a chicken but there are not enough axes to go around. How are you supposed to kill a chicken without an axe, in a Communist system you would simply take turns with what axes you had (keep in mind this is a hypothetical situation, I know this probably wouldn't work in real life).
In a Socialist system on the other hand (again this is a hypothetical situation) the people would not divide the chickens evenly, the government would take the chickens and divide them among the population, but again we run into the same problem, there aren't enough axes so what do you think the govenment would do? Well this is where the Socialist theory degenerates because it doesn't really say what should happen in this kind of situation. So more than likely the government would keep what axes they had and tell the population "tough luck there aren't enough to go around." This is the same sort of thing Joseph Stalin did, hence the reason why the Soviet Union was actually a Dictatorial Socialist society rather than a Communist society. He of course wasn't withholding axes or chickens, he was keeping money and luxury goods for himself and telling the people there wasn't enough to go around, so he made himslef rich while his nation got poor.
Even your moral code makes it clear that you're an advocate of an altruist society.

It is stupid and immoral for a person to be selfless. No one should give up their individuality and their fight to think for themselves, if they want to remain as ethical and honest.

For the rest, if any person tells you you should give your possessions to others, remember someone out there is going to collect them. It just might be those people who are doing the preaching.

Socialism/communism are the same: political systems based upon an altruistic, self-sacrificial moral code.

Don't sacrifice yourself for some unknown other person. Be the best you can be, the most able, competent and self-reliant person you can, and be proud to enjoy the rewards that you _earn_ by doing so.

Socialists/communists are crooks who will rob your property and your soul if you let them.

Marxist theory is third rate bunk. Any rational person who has half a wit can assess the validity of the abstractions at the basis of the scam-artist Marx's theory in a heart beat. His theory doesn't work because it is not science, not valid theory, and a body of ideas created to rob the people blind.
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