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As can be read in Karl Marx's and Friedrich Engels' "Manifest of the communist party" , the whole communist ideology is based on the marxistic theory that throughout history, all societies have been eternally involved in fundamental
fights between a dominating class and a dominated one. Marx therefore insists on the fact that there have been four different types of societies before his time , himself living in the so-called "capitalism".

His initial idea consisted of the fact that the proletarians , literally oppressed by the rich owners of the big factories , living in very poor conditions ( funnily , some capitalists owned as well a tavern near their factory... ) and being
unprotected against the arbitrary decisions of their bosses , must revolt , as
happened before , and become themselves the leading class... In order to avoid new inequality , Marx intended to help creating some kind of ideal society without distinctions of any kind , a communist society.

He nevertheless was not so naive to believe that people in general would immediately fit into such a society , so he first foresaw to "educate" them in a socialist type of society and thus make them "ready" for communism.
A really communist society , as has been pointed out before in this threat ,
has never existed and is probably going not to exist ever ; the USSR have always been a "Union of Socialist Soviet Republics" , never a communist country.

Regarding the current development of "our" democratic societies plus the fact
that the working conditions of modern workers are almost impeccable , why is
there still a need for communism ? Differences between rich and poor people
do still exist but no one would die nowadays because they wouldn ' t get help
from the governments... If you really try , you should get a materially
satisfying life. In addition , democratic laws already assure general equality as
everyone is theoretically treated the same by the justice department.

-> Communism would be cool , but there is no really flagrant need for it.
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