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Good or bad, it doesn't really matter. It can't work in any setting much larger than a family unit. It's a wonderful theory that human beings could share all possessions for the greater good, but the theory is flawed...because it is based on human beings sharing. Go to a playground...any playground...and count the kids crying because they can't get a turn on the swings or those little bouncy horseys. Sharing sounds great until you are forced to give up something you don't want to give up.
Sure, you may find 10 or 20 people who are willing to work together and share the fruits of their labors equally, but eventually human nature will take over, and someone will begin thinking they are pulling too much of the load and the infighting will ensue.
That, or a gang of bikers will show up, eat all of the food, beat up the men, impregnate the women and leave the commune a smoldering wreck.
Communism on a large scale. Fucking disaster.

BTW, Stalin didn't really withhold the axes or the chickens...he just killed millions of people to lessen the demand.
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