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Communism: Good or Bad?

I know that ever since the Cold War everyone has viewed Communism as "evil", but what I came to realise is that what people are calling Communism isn't really Communism at all. It is infact Socialism that they are refering to, they just confuse the two. People think of Communism as a form of government where a dictator forces the public to divide everything equally. This is not the case because there is no such thing as a "Communist government." The whole point of "true" Communism is to eliminate government. The principle behind Communism is that everyone will willingly divide all possessions equally without having to be told by a government official. So the problem is not that Communism is an "evil" system, it's just not a very practical idea on a large scale because by the time you divide everything your portions are extremely small. However on a small scale it could in theory be a functional system, that is of course if you're community is free of greed which of course is not likely. That's another reason why "true" Communism could never work. It's impossible to completely eliminate greed.

Socialism on the other hand is a system in which you have a government (whether it be a Republic or a dictatorship) that distributes everything in equal shares and eliminates social classes, hence the name Socialism. So really there has never been a truly Communist system, infact even the Soviet Union wasn't a Communist system because U.S.S.R. stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. So in reallity it's actually Socialism that people hate not Communism.

Now before you start screaming at me that I'm an "evil" Commy, I would just like to say that I am neither for nor against the Communist beliefs. I think it has it's pros and cons just like any other system.

Anyway I apologize for the long essay but I just wanted to make sure you know what Communism really is so you could make an educated decision for yourselves as to what you think about Communism. If you still hate Communism that's fine, or if you've changed you're mind about what you think of it that's great too. I just want to hear some of your opinions about it. However if you do voice your opinion try and think for yourself, don't start ranting that Communism is evil just because that's what you've been taught your whole life. If you think Communism is bad give some real reasons why you disagree with this "philosophy" so to speak, and visa-versa if you think Communism is a good system give some good reasons why you think it's a good system.
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