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No, I havent been in a car wreck. At the rate I'm going I'll have my private pilots license before my unrestricted drivers license. The Australian licensing system is arse.

Playing rugby is exactly the same. I played for 3 years and I copped it week in, week out. Ever watched forwards taking the line forward? They are fucking big blokes - at least 120-130kgs - charging into each other at full tilt. Most players would be around 6'2 or 6'3, and rugby wingers are among the fastest runners in field sports. The fact that they play without any sort of padding at all (other than ear straps) makes it all the more impressive. AFL is even more physical.

I also know an American chap back home who plays for my uni in the state rugby comp. He played American Football for 4 years, and has been playing rugby for the last 2. He says the complete opposite (rugby hurts more ), so its just a matter of opinion. I just feel that all the padding is sort of cheating - lowering the force of impact by spreading it out over a larger area. Thats just me.
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