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Originally Posted by Liam
Never seen Hurling then have you?

Fastest field sport in the world. I can't watch American Football without getting pissed off - all that armour sort of defeats the purpose. Rugby or AFL are more my style.
Ever been in a car wreck? I totaled a Honda Accord by hitting a palm tree and a telephone pole, going about 40mph, when I was sixteen.
Playing football makes you feel like you've been in a car wreck every week. That's what the pads are for. Plus, the shoulder pads give you a little more surface area with which to lay a lick on someone.
Finally, I've known guys who played rugby in college but played football in high school. They say there's no comparison when it comes to the speed and ferocity of the hits. I doubt there are many 6' 3" -250 lb. dudes running 4.45 40's playing rugby.

I have a capture printed from that game of Dennis Franchione standing on the sidelines looking bewildered. The chiron of the score reads 77-0 with 1:58 left in the third quarter. It is taped to the top of my monitor, and it makes me smile every day. See...I just smiled.
Alabama fans were hoping they'd hang a hundred on those A&M bastards for stealing him away. I still can't see A&M take too bad a beating. Tennessee, Auburn and Texas A&M are three teams that I would root for Satan and his disciples of Hell over.
"Purgatory's kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren't really shit, but you weren't all that great either. Like Tottenham."
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