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I absolutely love college football, but pro ball bores the bejesus out of me. It seems incredibly petty and just a mass of advertising. College ball is where it's at.

And for college ball, I'm ALL about Texas. We ranked 6th last year, which isn't too bad and hopefully we'll do better now. Hopefully Vince has gotten a handle on himself and won't be so easily excited. And hopefully, we'll have a better game against OU this year. Because...I fucking hate OU. Only good thing that came of last year's game was that 3 of my professors who'd gone to UT cancelled class the next day to mourn...mostly in off-campus bars. Everything else about that game sucks, right down to the traffic that all those crazy yahoos from Oklahoma make driving through Denton to get to Dallas. They mess things up royally on campus.

So, go Texas, and barring Texas, I'll say...Georgia or LSU. Anyone but OU basically. Who never should have been ranked 1st last year.

And as my college team (University of North Texas) got spanked by UT last week (seriously...65-0, I don't even know why we played them, we're in the fucking Sunbelt conference) I don't have much hope for us in terms of national standing. We do tend to do quite well in our conference (went to the bowl game the last three years running) and hopefully that will make for some really fun games. However, the game I'm looking forward to most is of course that of UT v. A&M. UT rocked it last year, and hopefully they can again this year and show those Aggies a thing or two. It's harder without Major though. I love you Major Applewhite.
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