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College football does indeed rock. There is no atmosphere like it anywhere in the NFL. Not even Lambeau can approach the atmosphere of a college football game.
And then, you've got the colleges in the South. Oh dear Lord do we love our football. When I was at Alabama, RV's started showing up around campus on Wednesday. I don't know why these people even left campus. Please, before you die, make a point of going to an SEC football game. LSU vs. Alabama is a good one to go to no matter which campus it's played at. Georgia vs. Florida isn't called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party for no reason. Auburn vs. the fuckin' charts. Same with Alabama vs. Tennessee...we hate those orange bastards with a passion. Oh shit...almost forgot the Red River Shootout...Oklahoma vs. Texas...fuck it...I quit. I'm going on a four month road trip.

Look on the bright side Louie, at least your team has an offense. Joey Galloway hurt his vagina dropping a sure touchdown. The Bucs are toast. They may have to give Keenan McCardell anything he wants just to get some targets on the field. Brad Johnson is one of my fantasy QB's. Tom Brady is the other. I got ass raped because I started Johnson over Brady.

Yes...I am ready for some football.

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