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Ahem. Ahem. Sorry had something stuck in my throat. Appogy, lovingly known as Poggs is a top mod. As am I. My verdict on this case is as follows:

Aim is a bit over the top in showing her love for keira. There are other ways than, as they say, "brown nosing", to get respect around here. I think that most of the older members of the forum at peeved at the fact that she just spouts rubbish about how much she loves keira. We all lover her dear, but honestly, theres no need to go shouting it about in the streets. (unless of course you are Mr and Mrs McStoat and you are well pissed, standing by the side of the road in housecoats, shouting at passing motorists)

On that note, please, enough animosity (thats defined as: Bitter hostility or open enmity; active hatred.) against other members. Just like anywhere else, if you are annoying and act like a total plonker, people are going to be pissy toward you. SO, word of warning. Dont be annoying. It's a dog eat dog world out there.


PS, Lockage.
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