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Originally Posted by Julespaxton
Hello stereotype, nice to meet you. a man doesnt need to be rich although a nice suit is good. i also know that a girl doesnt need a good ass to get a guy...its become quite apperantly that you have no idea what you're talking about and have never had a girlfriend, simply based on what you're implying.
it's fine if you disagree with him, but why not try acting like a grown up when reinforcing your point that you don't agree with his comment?
it's time to put the grown up pants on and act like you've some maturity.
you flaunt your KKW cyber powers day in and out. why not act accordingly?

Originally Posted by NearokA
O really?

Care to buy me some lunch? We can discuss the matter in more detail...

I'm already first on that list. You'll have to wait.
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