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Originally Posted by Glare
Until I noticed that she was only 12, then I thought for a minute. It still disappoints me that a mod made the first abusive comment towards her though, they are afterall the role models of the forum.
There are 2 mods to my knowledge, and our jobs is to keep the forums clean.
I was under the impression that a thread should be something to be discussed, not merely a statement. Therefore AIM's thread creating ability needs to be corrected. Tell me if I'm wrong.
Besides, AIM implied that I wasn't a good enough Keira, and I found this offensive...

Dragging this topic back on track,
To my knowledge Keira hasn't used a sword. She has used a bow, but regardless of whether she's done it before, sword/bow choreography means that she would have had to be completely retrained. For different bows and swords are used in different ways, fitting to the era in which the film is set.
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