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Originally Posted by EmotionSickness
Glare: Well, I didn't know she was really 12 (I had my doubts, still do), but if she is ... I take back what I said, as well. It's still annoying though. Even 12 year olds can spell properly and speak proper English (especially if it's their first language). Also, Cliff never means any harm. And around here, I'm not so sure that the mods are meant to be sort of 'role models', as you put it. They're here to keep order, more or less. Or their job is to keep order, rather.
Do me a favour and don't post crap, you have no idea what you're talking about, maybe aim isn't the greatest speller in the world, who gives a rats arse? If you can't understand what she wrote you are worse off than she is, giving her a hard time isn't going to do anything for you, just make her feel bad which is the last thing people need at this time. It's taken me over 20 years to get over Dyselxia, only with support was I able to get to a suitable stage. Put yourself in her shoes, think...