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Heh, yeah. That's why I linked to them. You shouldn't have a problem, unless you have an extremely crappy p.o.s. computer like me (luckily, we have two others). I'm still using Windows '95 and a 56k modem on this one, haha.

Now, more pics (c/o Keira Forever) ....

I've never seen these before and I didn't even know this happened. Apparently Keira sent out a little message to the troops last Christmas:

And some caps from yesterday's (?) E! news Live appearance:

I've always wondered (Titooy, Baz, anyone?) -- why doesn't KKW have any galleries devoted to screen caps from her numerous television appearances? Too many to compile? Or was it against the rules or something?

Ohh and Marilynka: KKW now has an entire gallery devoted to the photo shoot by Mark Liddell.

Some samples:

I think this is one of my favorite shoots to date. Absolutely lovely. Too bad there's cheese graters all over her in every picture (what kind of water-mark is that, anyway?).
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