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Originally Posted by Pygmalion
Well even if I WANTED to I couldn't marry my highschool sweetheart since its illegal for same-sex couples to marry in the godforsaken hole of a continent that is Australia, so according to our government I can't be in love. Legally.
Disturbing how narrow minded governments are, isn't it?

Originally Posted by Kelsey
I don't think you need to be a certain age to be in love - it's not like you just turn 18 and something clicks..."I'm 18 so now when I say 'I love you' it's automatically true.'" I've been in a few relationships, but I've been in (absolutely, positively) love once, and I'm 17. I don't think age matters at any time during life.
I agree...age really has nothing to do with it...

Originally Posted by Kelsey
I guess different people have different experiences.

Originally Posted by Liam
Age has nothing to do with it.

Sure, a 12 year old isnt likely to have any idea about it, but honestly, whats the difference between being 17 and 200 days old and 18 and 1 day old? (Anyone who gives me a figure in days gets a fucking smack in the mouth).
Oh c'mon, you can't ask a question like that and expect me to leave's (assuming there's no leap year involved) 166 days...if it's a leap year 167

The whole thing about suddenly being entirely mature at age 18 is a crock.

Quote: are one of the few I told about my experience mate...and you know thats true about me. Thats what love does.
I was just trying to make a funny mate...yeah...I know exactly what you mean...that one person becomes the single most important person in the am I doing? I'm not supposed to be soppy

In the Notebook I've read a lot about the movie, it seems like it's a true love type deal. A Love so strong you'd wait for the other person for years becasue you know that's your one true love.
Meh...Notebook Schmotebook...true love? Pfffft...
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