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Rate/Comment on Underworld

Ok... let's discuss this.

I thought Underworld was rich in style. Compared to some other recent Vampire/Werewolf films that have graced the cinema in the past decade, this one ranks superior.

For your enjoyment.

The special effects are some of the best I've seen in a low-budget film like this, as practical effects are concerned - I was impressed and barely noticed any flaws. Everything about this film was pretty decent and the werewolf transformations are the best I've seen since American Werewolf in London (or if you want to get picky, An American Werewolf in Paris.)

The director, Len Wiseman, I'm not too familar with. For a guy who only directed music videos prior to Underworld, he did above par - definitely good for his directorial debut. As for the acting, well... who doesn't like Kate Beckinsale, nonetheless in leather. I hope to God I'm not the only one who feels this way about the film, though I have a gut feeling I'm about to get trashed, I thought this was a cool movie. Definitely money's worth, or at least a rental. The rating: 8/10.

You may notice the similarity to a DVD review, but if you think I stole these comments (I've seen better) you're wrong. Just the pictures, for amusement. Now, what do you think?

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