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No no. Jet you're okay.

Some of you guys just lost that luvin feeling. That's fine. I was refering to those that still do love Keira. You can't just say, "omfg, she's so hot!" and expect me to believe that you do in fact actually love her. Why? Because all you can do is state qualities of love. These qualities of love can be used to describe any woman, so there really is no point in saying that's the reason why one loves Keira.

I was just saying beneath all these qualities, what's the source of your love. Is it the same as me? Do you have something different? That source better be something that cannot merely just describe any woman.

To Keyser/Narg: There are others that love Keira! But you guys share the same feeling as I do. Are there any others that love Keira but have a different reason?
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
and his images reflect in mine the same time,
--Mos Def
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