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Right, I've had time to think about it. Note that I have spent the last 2 days giving myself liver cirrohsis, so anyone left out is completely and utterly unintentional. Probably.

Leonie: Cause our plans for London got fucked by the taxman, she speaks better english than me, and is generally one of the sweetest people I have spoken to.
Gracie: Aside from being pants-threateningly hot, she is the first person from KKW that ever spoke to me.
Baz: Still havent met him yet. Plans for unified KKW-admin aero-porn viewing at Duxford were shattered by inefficient public transport.
Kelsey: We go back a hell of a long way. It would be fucking stupid of me not to want to see her
Apoggy: Be rude not to mention my brother at the top of the KKW pile.
EmotionSickness: Not only is she obviously beautiful, she is bloody smart too. We could have political discussions. And stuff.
Ashlyn: Its criminal that I havent met her yet, considering she lives a few hours away from me. When I'm at home. The other home. If you know what I mean.
Fancyman: Worlds second biggest Slayer fan. After me, naturally.
Mandy and Mags: I'll come and visit when I make it to the USA. At this rate, it will be when I win lotto.
Anyone who mentioned me: I love you all.

That'll do for the meantime.

Christ, I forgot Sarah. How rude of me. We can settle the 'all Australians are convicts' argument. Remember that?
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