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Originally Posted by Liam
Age has nothing to do with it.
Sure, a 12 year old isnt likely to have any idea about it, but honestly, whats the difference between being 17 and 200 days old and 18 and 1 day old? (Anyone who gives me a figure in days gets a fucking smack in the mouth).
3984 hours difference... you never said anything about hours.

I agree. I had my heart crushed by a guy when I was 16, I feel I did love him. Age has nothing to do with it. It's the feelings, emotions can overpower age.
In the Notebook I've read a lot about the movie, it seems like it's a true love type deal. A Love so strong you'd wait for the other person for years becasue you know that's your one true love.
It's like A Walk to Remember, they were young but madly in love, so in love that Landon would do anything for Jaime, even though he knows he will lose her. Making all her wishes come true... ::goes off into a dream state:: They were like.. 17 or 18 I believe in the movie. Nicholas Sparks writes all those extremely romantic movie that makes me want to have someone like that.
My point is, love knows no age.

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