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Originally Posted by Julespaxton
shut up. you bore me and are off topic.
Oooh. Jules, had you been a member of the male sex, I might have taken some offense to that remark. But I read some of your other posts, and it's safe to assume you are one of the female species.

Okay officer, before you chain me up in your bonds of love and send me off to the 3 day ban room for being a naughty boy, I have but one request. That you take Jet's camera phone and take some naked pictures of yourself. Then you can send them to me and I can poke fun at you. Hehe.

J/k Jules. You know you can flip open my camera phone and stick your wallpapers in there any day. Cheers!
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
and his images reflect in mine the same time,
--Mos Def
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