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1. Baz, as he's avoided me thusfar. Bitch.
2. EmotionSickness as she was kind enough to grace me with top entry in her list :-D And as I know where Abbey Road is now, I'm sure she'd want to go take a look... and no, its not hidden under my duvet. Although I might claim adamantly that it is.
3. Kelsey, as she promised to get me unbelievably wasted, even to the point where I might dance on a table. And I don't dance.
4. Ryan, as I would find it interesting to meet someone geekier than myself, and because noone else loves him.
5. Sarah, as she's close by, and I can't believe I haven't met her yet. I think laziness might have something to do with it
6. Meggiehoops, as where she is is better than where I am.
7. Gracie, as I've already prepaid for lapdances.
8. CitraBenzoet, as I've known her for absolutely ages, so long that most people here don't know who she is. Which is good, as I want her for myself
9. Mags, so that I can annoy her with hairy oreos.

And yes, I can count. To those who I've missed out, its generally not intentional.

For reference, I have met, Liam, Apoggy, Keirazbabe, Mandy (in spirit :P), Duckula, Haz, Olek, Veejy, Leonie. More to come I imagine. And hope.
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