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-Cliff: never met a British Korean before. Then again, I never met a
British person so add Baz, Poggs, Haz, Sarah and the rest of the brits.
-Jacoby: Funniest Rochesterian I ever met. Only Rochesterian I ever met.
-Mags/Mandy: Both came up with the nick 'Grenade'.
-Spire: I wanna see bloodshot eyes from excessive gaming .Nah jk, he's cool.
-DR/Kelsey/Richard: Fellow Californians. Plus DR likes the Niners. w00t!

Plus Dyce, Liam, Jet, Narg, EmotionSickness, and the rest of KKW. Much more than 5, sorry.

Oh and James (jvh4 on old forums). He was another Family Guy fanatic.

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